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Post  Justin Bale on Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:29 pm


  • Aelf Avery:

  • Andromeda Black: Leighton Meester
Face Claims Gossipgirl003

  • Aria Black: Olivia Wilde & Odette Yustman
Face Claims Olivia-wilde-402880d39-1Face Claims Odette-Yustman-icon

  • Anthony Blake:

  • Ashley Bloor: Taylor Swift
Face Claims 2

  • Antonin Dolohov: Arben Bajraktaraj
Face Claims 98169_10

  • Adrian Hill: William Moseley
Face Claims William_mosley_024

  • Angelina Johnson: Katerina Graham
Face Claims E11d3e07

  • Aiden Mietea: Liam Hemsworth
Face Claims 5-liamh-icon-5Untitled12

  • Alexander Riddle: Garrett Hedlund
Face Claims GarrettHedlundicon

  • Amber Riley: Vanessa Anne Hudgens
Face Claims V02

  • Abigail Shields: Aly and Aj Michalka
Face Claims Alyajicon

  • Aimee Thomas: Jessica Szhor & Nikki Reed
Face Claims Nikkiicon12Face Claims 983535


  • Bellatrix Black: Megan Fox & Olivia Wilde
Face Claims Af7aa608Face Claims OliviaWilde10

  • Barty Crouch Jr.: Gaspard Ulliel & David Tennant
Face Claims BlueFace Claims 04001crop

  • Brittany Jones: Miley Cyrus
Face Claims Miley_icon

  • Bethany Montez: Selena Gomez
Face Claims Selenagoemzicon


  • Chloe Bailey: Anna Paquin & Katherine Heigl
Face Claims Jbroguei7Face Claims Heigl

  • Calista Black: TBD

  • Caelum Philips: Colton Haynes
Face Claims Colton10

  • Chad Stroud: Chad Michael Murray
Face Claims ChadIcon


  • Dean Lupin: Shane West, Jensen Ackles, and Jake Gyllenhaal
Face Claims ShanewestFace Claims Elisangelis-jac903Face Claims Jakegyllenhaal

  • Draco Malfoy: Tom Felton & Leonardo Dicapario
Face Claims SdFace Claims IamMissDicaprio


  • Elena Adair: Dianna Agron
Face Claims Dianna-1

  • Emlyn Flynn: Miranda Kerr
Face Claims Icon_37

  • Emily Kane: Scarlett Johansson & AnnaSophia Robb
Face Claims Icon_18Face Claims Rabbnof

  • Elektra Napolitano: Camilla Belle
Face Claims Camillabelle


  • Ford Knight: Chris Pine
Face Claims Ryhhr

  • Fred Weasley: James Phelps
Face Claims OliverIcon2


  • Ginny Weasley: Bonnie Wright & Emma Stone
Face Claims Bonnie4Face Claims Emzicon


  • Hermione Granger: Emma Watson
Face Claims 399669650

  • Harry Potter: Daniel Radcliffe
Face Claims DanielRadcliffeIcon1


  • Isabel Black: Chelsea Staub & Amber Heard
Face Claims 004chelseaaaFace Claims Ah48


  • Justin Bale: Ashton Kutcher
Face Claims E5

  • James Potter: James Franco
Face Claims James-franco

  • Jennifer Sawyer: Evangeline Lilly
Face Claims EvangelineLilly28

  • Jesse Shields: Ed Westwick & Dean Geyer
Face Claims Edsexwick01Face Claims DanielAv1


  • Kylie Bale: Hayden Panettiere & Julianne Hough
Face Claims ThhaydenoFace Claims Justadream840213

  • Katrina Lupin: Maggie Gyllenhaal
Face Claims Maggieicon1


  • Lily Evans: Karen Gillan
Face Claims 1_lily10

  • Lydia Roberts: Nina Dobrev
Face Claims Nina


  • Matthew Bale: Logan Lerman & Jim Sturgress
Face Claims Lerman5Face Claims Js1

  • Malcolm Black: Dave Franco
Face Claims Icon_26vsikbgrgcjc61hjumfif1fj3

  • Manfred Bloor: Christian Bale
Face Claims Baleicon2

  • Michael Collinsworth: Henry Cavill
Face Claims Untitled-4

  • Mikayla Dawson: Candice Swanepoel
Face Claims Candicee

  • Max Flynn: Josh Hartnett
Face Claims Icon

  • Professor Minerva McGonagall: Maggie Smith
Face Claims MaggieDailyMailshotICON2

  • Miranda Slater: Kim Kardashian
Face Claims Hbs

  • Mike Schult: Tyler Posey
Face Claims Tumblr_lsdsjyronX1r29wvro


  • Narcissa Black: Gemma Ward
Face Claims GemmaIcon8

  • Naomi Shihai: Phoebe Tonkin
Face Claims Phoebe-Tonkin-Avatar



  • Pansy Parkinson: Willa Holland
Face Claims Remy_icon_yellow



  • Regulus Black: Ben Barnes & Kevin Flamme
Face Claims MarcusiconFace Claims Kevin-flamme-icon

  • Rabastan Lestrange: Mitch Hewer
Face Claims 0cfce3b6

  • Rodolphus Lestrange: Cam Gigandet
Face Claims Cam-icon-b

  • Remus Lupin: Orlando Bloom, Hugh Jackman, & Michael Vartan
Face Claims BloomIBB14Face Claims IconHJackman4Face Claims Varty1

  • Roxanne Scott: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Face Claims 010

  • Ronald Weasley: Rupert Grint
Face Claims 2095758072_dd2863b32f


  • Sirius Black: Ian Somerhalder
Face Claims Ian2

  • Sebastian Blaide: Taylor Lautner
Face Claims Wewef


  • Taylor Bale: Ashley Tisdale
Face Claims Thashleyticon

  • Tyler Blake: Alex Pettyfer
Face Claims Alexjpg-1

  • Thalia Mietea: Candice Accola
Face Claims Candice

  • Tom Marvolo Riddle:Gerard Butler & Michael Camiloto
Face Claims Gerry-gerard-butler-12419237-449-59Face Claims 001

  • Trixie Thorne: Jessica Alba
Face Claims Parade-003



  • Victoria Prescott: Mila Kunis
Face Claims Mila

  • William West: Jensen Ackles & Josh Holloway
Face Claims 16332262Face Claims Senzatitolo2686



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